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About Us

About us

The main purpose of Tracking-B.EU is delivering a premium service that makes managing your car fleet easy and simple while saving money, resources, and working power.
Our constant striving to improve and expand our portfolio of services helps us meet high customer expectations.

About us:
Tracking-B.Eu is a leader in providing of optimized complex solutions for quality managing of car fleets.
Our service is provided thanks to the closed cycle of product and service that includes – own powerful servers, high-end latest models hardware devices, own adaptive software with many innovations and automatizations. Our products are a result of many years of development from a highly professional team.
We offer national and international service and coverage of the services. At the moment we are operating successfully in Germany, UK, Greece, Italy and Guatemala as the count of the countries increases.
In case you are interested in our highly profitable partnership program, please check our <a>partnership page</a>.

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